Have you ever wondered what colour your aura may be like, and how well is the life force flowing through your energy centres aka chakras? If so, we would like to welcome you to our store to get your aura photographed and chakras checked. Not only do we provide a full, 22-page detailed report about the meaning of your aura colour, but also the current energy level flowing through of your chakras and the overall state of mind, body and soul.

Your aura photo can be taken inside our downtown store at Pärnu mnt 25, Tallinn. Just pop in - it won't take long. Your full report will be sent directly to your email (€15). The report includes stats like size, main and possible side colours of your aura (and their meaning), the current condition of all your seven main chakras and and means to balance them, as well as fun stats like Yin-Yang (female-male energy balance in you), and the status of your emotional state of mind, overall stress level (or lack thereof) and much more!

To find out how it all works and what does the process entail exactly, please click over here.